Let go made easy!

Year-roundly valid

Fascia solve. . .Muscles loosen. . .

Who sometimes feels as if the whole world pressed on own shoulders, a wholesome break should allow itself and his back urgently!

Feel certainly lifted in the hands of our Med. Masseuse Christiane and you enjoy the wonderful certainty to reach perceptible "letting go" by careful hands. Thus ease enters again in your body!

With the following applications package you get "tail wind" for all your enterprises:

  •  Honey massage 40 min. – intensive natural treatment to solve Fascia
  •  Muscle Fascia release 50 min. – innovative, powerful method without oil
  •  Back Intensiv premium 80 min. – excluding technologies with depth effect

The massages are valid for 1 person and for 1 stay
Least duration of stay: 4 overnight stays

Price per person € 222,- in add. accomodation

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